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The primary way that God reveals Himself is through scripture, thus a primary way that we Seek God is through the study of His word!  At Midland, we uphold the authority of the scriptures.  We believe the Bible is true from cover to cover.  We believe that what the Bible says is sin is sin.  We believe that the original scriptures were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and are true and without error.  



We seek God through singing and music.  Don't expect a rock concert.  We intentionally keep our music relatively simple so that each individual can focus on seeking God.  We sing not to entertain or to provide "an experience", we sing to worship.  Our music is not people-focused it is God-focused. 



The preaching is designed to strike a balance between knowing and understanding what the original biblical authors meant when they were inspired by the Holy Spirit and making those concepts relevant and applicable to your everyday Christian life.  Pastor Trey is high energy and enthusiastic and has a true passion for preaching the word of God.


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We believe that Communion is an extremely important part of Seeking God.  Jesus instructed His followers to take communion to honor His death for our sins.  We take communion once a month and allow any baptized believer in right relationship with God to partake.  We always allow for a time of prayer, confession, and repentance prior to taking communion and encourage all to self examine during this time.


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It is important to us that all ages have an opportunity to Seek God!  It is also important to us to allow parents to be able to focus on sermons and teachings without having to worry about making their kids "act right".  For these reasons, we offer Children's Church every Sunday where the children have an opportunity to Seek God with lessons that are on their level and appropriate for their minds and maturity.  Children will stay in the worship service for the singing portion then be dismissed just before the sermon begins.


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We dont believe there's a certain way you must dress to Seek God, so we encourage you to come as you are, in whatever clothes you have.  Just wear clothes.


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